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3-4 new songs coming

2008-07-24 00:18:04 by beefsoup91

I'm currently doing a Castlevania song cover, Bloody Tears.
Also doing another piece by Aaron Copland for a friend.
I've also had requests for Jenova Fight Theme but we'll see.

And to top it off an original song by who else but me, Laconic Wishes - Orchestrated.

looking for collaboration partners.

So be on the lookout and feel free to comment or request a song or something cause im bored alot.

3-4 new songs coming


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2008-07-28 10:05:08

It's still amazing that you're going to recreate that classic man. I wish you luck.

beefsoup91 responds:

It is extremely difficult so far and i have been working on other projects to get my mind off it cause it was killing me lol. but eventually it will be finished.